Well-known performers with a large hit song catalog include Enhypen, Ice Nine Kills, Motionless in White, Bring Me the Horizon, Metallica, Feid, and Drake

Celebrating your 1-year birthday is a special occasion, and what better way to mark the milestone than by delving into the diverse world of music and the well-known performers who have left an indelible mark on the industry. Over the years, various artists across different genres have amassed large hit song catalogs, solidifying their status as musical powerhouses. In this celebration of musical achievements, let’s shine a spotlight on some notable performers with extensive hit song catalogs.


One of the rising stars in the K-pop scene, Enhypen has captivated audiences worldwide with their dynamic performances and catchy tunes. Known for hits like “Drunk-Dazed” and “Given-Taken,” Enhypen has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the realm of pop music.

Ice Nine Kills:

For fans of post-hardcore and metalcore, Ice Nine Kills stands out as a band that seamlessly blends intense musicality with captivating storytelling. Their hit songs, such as “The Nature of the Beast” and “A Grave Mistake,” showcase their ability to create a unique and immersive musical experience.

Motionless in White:

Bringing a gothic and industrial edge to the metalcore scene, Motionless in White has carved a niche for themselves with their dark and theatrical sound. Anthems like “Reincarnate” and “570” have contributed to their extensive catalog, earning them a dedicated fanbase.

Bring Me the Horizon:

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Bring Me the Horizon has evolved over the years, experimenting with different styles while consistently delivering chart-topping hits. Songs like “Throne” and “Drown” showcase their versatility and innovation within the rock and metal genres.


No discussion of influential musicians is complete without mentioning Metallica. With a legendary career spanning decades, this iconic heavy metal band has produced timeless hits like “Enter Sandman,” “Master of Puppets,” and “Nothing Else Matters.”


In the realm of Latin music, Feid has made a significant impact with his infectious reggaeton and Latin pop tracks. Known for songs like “Porfa” and “Ahora,” Feid’s contributions to the global music scene have earned him recognition and acclaim.


A dominant force in the world of hip-hop and R&B, Drake has consistently topped charts with his chart-topping hits. From “Hotline Bling” to “God’s Plan,” Drake’s versatility as an artist has contributed to his massive hit song catalog and widespread acclaim.

As we celebrate your 1-year birthday, it’s a reminder of the diverse and rich tapestry of music that spans across genres and cultures. These performers, among many others, have left an indelible mark on the global music landscape, shaping the soundscape for years to come. Cheers to the power of music and the artists who continue to inspire and entertain us.

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